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The Dinaric Alps – Magic of summer and winter seasons at Mountain Treskavica

There are those places that leave you speechless. You only feel positive energy flowing through your entire body and you […]

Local Spain festivals around which one should plan a Spain trip

By TripHobo    A fun and a bit of an eccentric country which is known for its funky celebrations and […]


Sarajevo Tourism Festival – inspiration, hard work and love

From 19th to 21st October, Public Enterprise Center “Skenderija” hosted a long-standing fair “Sarajevo Tourism Festival”. This was the combination […]


Via Dinarica mega-hiking trail – Omiška Dinara

In the south-eastern Europe, from Slovenia all the way to Albania following Adriatic coast and going deep into inland, stretches […]

Discovering the mouth of the Kotor Bay surrounded by the glorious slopes of ‘black mountains’

The English name ‘Montenegro’ was derived from the Latin name ‘Montagne negro’ (black mountain). There are many legends about the […]

Wilderness First Aid

Experiences and advices of Eldar Fazlagić, a member of the Mountain rescue service and a mountain & biking guide Every […]


Hiking the old Austro-Hungarian „Ćiro“ railway line through the canyon of Miljacka River

In the nineties, this used to be a narrow-gauge railway line where the famous Ćiro train transported passengers daily from […]

Forget about the stress of urban city life in ethno village Čardaci

  In Bosnia and Herzegovina there are few ethno villages, a tourist destinations that combine rustic architecture and traditional Bosnian […]


Green oasis of Belgrade you must visit!

The life in big cities is always bustling. A big buildings, roads, heavy traffic and noisy streets. One big concrete […]

Beauties of Novi Sad and its surrounding

Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia and the administrative centre of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Located in […]